70 clients, 300 surveys,
20,000 users, 10 million data sets,
hundreads of ideas.
Inspired for the future.


Client loyality increased by 48%.
300% greater response rate in sales.
Pressure eliminated from the end-of-year meetings. 


39 primary processes defined.
1 monitoring system implemented.
Sales and back office happy together now.


70 clients, 300 surveys,
20,000 users, 10 million data sets,
hundreads of ideas.
Inspired for the future.


Client loyality increased by 48%.
300% greater response rate in sales.
Pressure eliminated from the end-of-year meetings. 


39 primary processes defined.
1 monitoring system implemented.
Sales and back office happy together now.




In addition to our consulting services and solutions, we utilise our own process management tools and also offer innovative and flexible FinTech solutions.

Process Management Tools.

Process Management Tools.


Over 70 banks, insurers and building societies in Europe use our tools for process management. Both in operational divisions and staffing units, these tools play a role in obtaining fast and thorough reports on processing times, turnaround times and other process indicators and factors of influence.


Process transparency: BGK-Basis.

With our application BGK Basis we establish transparency and basic data for process optimisation, personnel planning and for calculating required personnel: 

  • How long does it take to carry out a process?
  • What is the percentage of personnel required for operations?
  • How do interruptions affect processing times?

Regardless of the target group and the workplace equipment, employees can use as a separate program, to be started in the browser or as an app for smartphones and tablets. The employees encrypt their activities in a kind of "electronic stopwatch". Thanks to intuitive operation, the approx. 10 minutes per day of encryption time for employees is minimal. The data obtained can be quality assured and evaluated at the press of a button: 

  • ABC-analyses
  • Processing and turnaround times
  • Process analysis
  • Calculation of required personnel

Personnel scheduling:

To keep your promises to clients and sales in the long term, it is important to have an overview of your orders : 

  • How many orders were processed outside the service level?
  • How many orders were handled per employee on average?
  • How many orders are expected for the next few days / weeks?
  • Are there enough employees for the upcoming orders?

BGK-Produktiv merges all necessary data into a central database on the one hand, then prepares the figures in a manner tailored to the recipient. Anticipated process volumes and absences (holidays, seminars, etc.) can be stored and consequently the personnel required in the future simulated (personnel scheduling).

Calculation of required personnel: BGK-PS.

You don't want to develop under- or overcapacities? With BGK-PS you produce a fact-based and reliable calculation of required personnel for the next five years.

The basis for this are the projections for the key company figures (portfolio development, revenue, etc.). By correlating this information, you can create a well-substantiated plan for your medium- and long-term personnel needs. The effect of changes in key figures or process flows on personnel needs can be simulated.

The required personnel is compared to existing personnel. This makes any future deviations, i.e. employees who retire, visible early.


Flexible IT-Solutions – BGK-Sales Suite.


For financial service providers the introduction of straight-through processes and mobile devices is becoming increasingly important, while IT systems have to accommodate growing regulatory pressure. For this we have the appropriate FinTech solutions, which are already successfully in use at financial service providers in Europe.

Our FinTech applications are tailor-made for challenges such as the introduction of straight-through processes and mobile devices. They quickly and cheaply bridge the differences between IT's compliance-oriented systems and the creative requirements of day-to-day business – always to the benefit of the client.

Whether for advising, application, contract or loans – our flexible solutions accommodate the business transactions at POS and seamlessly manage them through to backend services, along with full integration into available core systems and data structures.


This is what our BGK-Sales Suite are capable of:

  • data upgrades 

  • preparation from the user perspective 

  • processes for niches 

  • uniform basis for data 

  • precise integration into the system architecture

  • individualised use and platform independence 

  • cheap, simple and fast adaptation 

  • eases burden on IT departments
  • meets the strictest compliance-related requirements

Our BGK-Sales Suite: The modules.



BGK-Omnichannel is the one-stop communication solution for financial service providers. Customers can be securely reached through all electronic communication methods with BGK- Omnichannel and communicate with their financial service providers - in writing, through real-time chat or by video conference, with internet banking, through the mobile phone or ATM.


Customers are not only important, they are a central factor of success in the competition of financial service providers. BGK Loyalty allows for the rewarding of customers and the measurement of sales performance for consultants in an application. This has proven to increase sales performance and it is significantly easier for consultants to reach customers.



BGK-Robotic realises a complete automation of business processes. This creates the basis for completing products in real-time (end to end). The connection to old host systems is also possible. The quality is increased noticeably through integrated plausibility checks and permanent business process monitoring.


The customer focus moves more and more into the foreground. Personalised offers, independent product selection as well as virtual consultation allow the customer to have a comfortable, fast and qualified completion. Online checks and customer information are integrated in real-time. This as well as a complete processing without breaks in the system also lead to fast and slim processes during execution.



Customers can be identified through iBeacons (Bluetooth transmitter) and directly contacted through the smart phone. This guarantees that the customer is approached at the right time, at the right place and regarding the right topic. Through the positioning of iBeacons at the point of interest, direct offers can be provided (for example, a binding financing offer can be created immediately during a car purchase).


The fast integration of new applications and third-party systems into the existing IT is a crucial factor of success during digitalisation. BGK-API allows for this system integration through the following functions:  

  • a central and modern authentication procedure for any number of end points (front-end systems, service applications, transaction systems, web services)
  • a modular, micro-segmented end point system provides for reliability and flexibility during the connection or the exchange of applications or services  

  • nearly any back-end system can be controlled through individual connectors  

  • implementation certainty through advance tests within the scope of a proof of concept


The BGK-Utility module supports the company, among other things, with the following services:  

  • Legitimation of the customer at the point og interest (e.g. video authentication)
  • Recording of important documents (e.g. identification scan, photograph of payroll slips, etc.)  

  • Automatic writing recognition
  • Comprehensive reporting engine for ad-hoc analyses